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R3 Celebrity Index: who are China’s most influential celebrities in social media?

The luxury media Jing Daily and the global consultancy R3 just co-released the April list and nothing changed at the top of the ranking compared to March: the idol Cai Xukun and the Chinese actress Yang Mi are once again the top 2 celebrities in China. Actress Zhao Liying ranked as the third most popular

Why those three celebrities ranked on top of the rank?

The Nine Percent member continued to be the most buzzed-about star on social media due to his ongoing legal disputes with the video streaming website Bilibili. Last month the singer sued the company for the violation of his personal rights. Everything started last year when Cai Xucun, the brand ambassador of the NBA League in China, shot a video playing basketball. His skills were criticized by Chinese people and a lot of joking videos showed up in the platform.

Yang Mi popularity on this list was primarily driven by the launch of her first variety show, “The Escape of the Chamber”.

Zhao Liying also climbed up the ranking due to controversies like C-pop singer Cai Xukun. Her fans and Liu Shishi's fans battled online on Weibo over who was more popular between the 2 actresses. During the same month, Zhao also fired her agent, despite he was able to connect her with different famous fashion brands, which made online users speculate about their relationship.

The entire list of China’s celebrity ranking

China’s most influential celebrities in social media

Our guess for next month? After the smoking scandal Roy Wang will probably be the new number one.

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