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Wenwen Dai won case against Dada Film and Television

Yesterday, the Beijing Third Intermediate People's Court issued a civil judgment about actress Dai Wenwen contract with Dada Film. The verdict was that the actress Dai Wenwen and the former company Dada Film and Television officially terminated the contract without penalty. Dai Wenwen proposed to cancel the contract because she was harassed for a long time by Dada Film and Television company owner Nie, and she also suffered from depression. In addition, there was also a contradiction between her and the original company's development and share ratio. The court condemned Nie's behavior. Although the woman made it clear that she would not accept the ambiguous relationship with Nie Mou, Nie Mou still pursued her.

Wen Wen Dai 代文雯

Wen Wen Dai 代文雯

Wen Wen Dai 代文雯

Who is Wen Wen Dai?

Gender : Female

Constellation : Pisces

Date of birth : 1996-02-24

Birthplace : Shandong

Occupation : Actor

Wen Wen Dai (代文雯) is a Chinese actress. She starred in Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2, Qing Yu Nian Season 1, Princess Silver, Emperors & Me. She is considered by Chinese people "the first national love".


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