Huang Zi Tao latest pictures: new hair style!

Huang Zi Tao latest pictures: new hair style!

Who is Huang Zi Tao?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Taurus

Date of birth : 1993-05-02

Birthplace : China, Shandong, Qingdao

Occupation : Actor/ Host/ Producer

Official website :

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) is a Chinese singer-songwriter, rapper, actor and model. After leaving the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo, he made his solo debut in China 2015 with the mini-album TAO, under the new stage name Z.Tao. Huang made his acting debut in the romantic movie You Are My Sunshine and later received recognition for his leading roles in Negotiator and The Brightest Star in the Sky.


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