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Roy Wang troublesome behavior: new problems for the singer

Updated: May 31, 2019

Roy Wang of TF Boys is in trouble... again. The star kept apologizing for the past 6 months on Weibo for his rebellious behavior, but for how long the fans will keep forgiving him. Yesterday he was caught smoking inside a public place. Let's make a recap of the 4 big mistakes of the Chinese idol in the past 6 month.


In December , Wang Yuan and Chinese actor Wei Daxun climbed over a barrier to cross a street. Someone took a picture and post it on internet. The public criticized it as a dangerous and uncivilized behavior, above all from a celebrity that should be a role model.

 Wang Yuan and Chinese actor Wei Daxun climbed over a barrier to cross a street


In January he sang "Will you" during an event. At the beginning the performance was flawless but almost at the end, during the high pitch part he was out of tune. After that, instead of keep singing, he started to laugh and whisper, stopping the song. Luckily the fans started to sing so the performance kept going, but people complained that what he had done was very unprofessional. He apologized on Weibo the day after

Roy Wang stop performing and start laughing


After he was admitted in Berklee College of Music, a lot of people thought that, because he was a star, it would be easier for him to be accepted. Moreover in April he went to the variety show "I'm a singer" and performed new original songs. During the performance of 《世界上没有真正的感同身受》 he started to cry on stage, letting fan feeling really bad and depressed. He apologized once again on Weibo, after he was called unprofessional, and he said that this was a youth mistake and that he still needs to grow up.


In May it was the anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake (87,587 died on that occasion). The Chinese idol of TFBoys forwarded a post of the media People’s Daily. Unfortunately, he forwarded the wrong one. After few minutes he deleted the post and forwarded the correct one. According to the public, considering the importance and the severity of the anniversary, as a celebrity, he should have checked the news and be sure to forward the correct information to sensitize the people, instead it was seen as a mechanical act without feeling. He didn't apologize as after being hot topic for a while it was replaced by other celebrity news.


Yesterday he apologized for the second time in a month for smoking in public. Despite deciding to smoke is the singer choice, the issue was that he smoked in a public place, that is illegal. Roy Wang together with Chinese actor Jia Nailiang and Chinese female idol Yang Chaoyue were in the restaurant "Sushi Tong" in Beijing and they were caught smoking at the dinner table. He apologized once again said he is still young and he will a better adult, he is ready to pay the fine for smoking in a public place.

roy wang smoking inside a restaurant

roy wang smoking in a restaurant

What will Roy Wang do next? Stay tuned for next "对不起" (I'm sorry) on the idol's Weibo.


Roy Wang's studio issued a statement this morning about the issue, saying that the Chinese idol already went to Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Supervision Office and accepted the punishment for smoking in public (25$ fine according to Sohu). The agency representing the singer once again apologize for the behavior understanding that being a celebrity he has to be socially responsible.

Roy Wang outside the Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Supervision Office
Roy Wang outside the Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Supervision Office

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