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Holy Matrimony! 15 Celebrity Groomsmen

How many times did you dream of marrying your favorite Chinese male star? A lot of them are still single or they didn't tie the knot yet, but they have been best men for their closest friends. The best man and groomsmen have one of the most important roles in any wedding, and these celebrities were more than happy to take on the challenge at the big day of their friends and family.

Check the gallery to see some of our favorite celebrity best men photos and gif (try not to laugh to much for the gif as marriage in China can be extremely funny!)

Holy Matrimony star: Hu Ge, Eddie Peng, Wang Leehom, Deng Lun, Hua Chenyu, Wang Kai, Jackson Wang, Zhang Yi Shan, Wang Baoqiang, Yuan Hong, Jia Nailiang, Nicky Wu, Huang Bo, Ma Tianyu

They are definitely having fun fun fun!

Or not?...

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