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Happy birthday Sun Yi!

Today is Sun Yi's 27th birthday. the husband celerabte it with a post on Weibo at midnight wishing her beautiful wife an happy birthday. Sun Yi's new drama, "Twisted fate of love" 《今夕何夕》 is also coming.

"Twisted fate of love"

Two brothers: One graceful and elegant, the other flamboyant but low-key, find their tight-knit relationship broken when they fall for the same woman. Under Dong Yue's influence, the two of them make their way back to each other. (plot source mydramalist)

Sun Yi 孙怡

Who is Sun Yi?

Gender : Female

Constellation : Gemini

Date of birth : 1993-06-04

Birthplace : China, Jilin, Ji'an

Occupation : Actor

Family members : Dong Zijian (husband)

Official website :

Sun Yi (孙怡) is a Chinese actress. In 2014, Sun was picked from 1000 candidates to star in the art-house film Pleasure. Love. In 2019, Sun was cast in the legal romance drama Hello Prosecutor, a remake of the South Korean television series Prosecutor Princess. On May 7, Sun and actor Dong Zijian announced they were getting married. The couple later welcomed a baby girl named Dong Dafu in September 2017.



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