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Wang Chenyi retired from Produce Camp 2019. Personal reason or cyber violence?

The idol show issued a statement about the withdraw of the singer and dancer from the competition due to personal reason but the viewers are concerned that there is another motivation behind it.

The concern of the public started after considering the rank of 21 years old Wang Chenyi in the show, he was always one of the top trainees and consider one of the possible winner of the 2019 idol reality show. With the final challenges coming soon people are concerned about the reason behind this withdraw. Some people suspect that he was victim of cyber bullyism. According to the viewers, several Weibo accounts were promoting his withdrawn from the competition accusing him to now respect women, reproducing old contents from his Weibo account (contents definitely not appropriate but he was 14 years old when he posted them) and other misdemeanors and, consequently to that, the reality show forced him to retire. To confirm this thesis of "forced retirement", his message on Weibo the day before the withdrawn: Thanks to all my fans for their support, I will continue to work hard and live up to your expectations and to be on stage. Produce Camp 2019 will end in few weeks, Wang Chenyi was considered one of the best dancers of this edition.

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