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Mao Buyi 's new album premiere

At 8pm on June 10th, QQ will premiere Mao's new album, "小王" (The Little King). The link with the countdown to Mao day is here. The streaming will be free of charge,

Wang Weijia 王維家  Mao Buyi 毛不易 new album

Wang Weijia 王維家  Mao Buyi 毛不易

Who is Mao Buyi?

Date of birth : 1994-10-01

Country/Region : Tailai County

Genre : Folk/Pop

Wang Weijia (王維家), better known by his stage name Mao Buyi (毛不易) is a Chinese singer-songwriter from Heilongjiang who rose to prominence for winning the all-male singing competition The Coming One in 2017. He released his debut album Perfect Day in 2018, and achieved two number ones on the Billboard China singles chart in 2019.



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