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The rom-com "My dear lady" online from tomorrow on Sohu video

Updated: May 23, 2020

The urban love drama "My dear Lady" starring Jiang Mengjie, Mi Lu, Liu Te, etc. will be broadcasted exclusively on Sohu video from May 21st. After getting a divorce from her husband, Ling Xunxun decides to celebrate her singlehood. However on her way to a party, her car collided with a luxurious car on the roadside. The owner of the car Cheng Li, a young man who appears to be a university graduate, asked her for a huge amount of compensation. What makes the situation worse is that the he also turns out to be the boss of her new company.

my dear lady chines drama

Who is Jiang Mengjie?

Jiang Mengjie (Chinese: 蒋梦婕, born 7 December 1989) is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her role as Lin Daiyu in 2010 television series The Dream of Red Mansions.

Liu Te 刘特

Who is Liu Te?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Cancer

Date of birth : 1996-06-27

Birthplace : China, Hebei

Occupation : Actor

Liu Te, Yinhe Kuyu trainee, actor. On April 6, 2019, he participated in the Tencent Video Boys Group Youth Growth Program "Creation Camp 2019".

Mi Lu Viola Mi 米露

Who is Mi Lu?

Viola Mi (米露 Born on July 21, 1989) Mi Lu is a Chinese actress and model. Mi Lu made her debut after taking part in a modeling competition. Mi Lu has since branched into acting and has starred in “The Empress of China” (2014), “My Sunshine” (2015) and “My Best Ex-Boyfriend” (2015)



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