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The reality show "God!You are really tall" is coming this summer

The Sohu gourmet parent-child reality show "God!" "You are really tall" (天呐!你真高), will meet the audience this summer.

Sohu reality show

Today, the program officially released the line-up of six guests and the poster: Xiong Ziqi, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Liang, Gao Lu, Gem, and Xie Nan.

Sohu video pioneered the gastronomy parent-child variety category focus on coaxing children to eat, focusing on pragmatism.

The Sohu reality show, with food as the core, focusing on the current problems of parent-child education, will combine parenting knowledge with entertainment.

Xiong Ziqi 熊梓淇

Who is Xiong Ziqi?

Xiong Ziqi (Chinese: 熊梓淇, born 6 June 1992), known professionally as Dylan Xiong, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is a member of Taiwanese boyband SpeXial since 2016. In 2017, Xiong starred in the youth sports television series, My Mr. Mermaid, wherein he received recognition for his acting skills. He also took on the lead role in the fantasy web drama Painting Heart Expert. The same year, he released his first solo album, Part One. Xiong was cast in the youth campus drama One and Another Him, as well as romance melodrama As Long As You Love Me. In 2018, Xiong starred in the romantic comedy web drama Pretty Man. In 2019, Xiong starred in youth drama Another Me, based on Anni Baobei's novel of the same name.

Qiao Zhenyu 乔振宇

Who is Qiao Zhenyui?

Qiao Zhenyu (simplified Chinese: 乔振宇 born 1 November 1978) is a Chinese actor who is a graduate of the Beijing Dance Academy. In 2000, Qiao made his debut in the film Soaring Dragon Leaping Tiger. The same year, he filmed his first television drama Xin Nü Fu Ma. In 2017, he starred in the historical drama Song of Phoenix, portraying King Huai of Chu. He received the Outstanding Performance award at the inaugural Gold Hibiscus Awards. In 2019, Qiao starred in the mystery web drama Mystery of Antiques. In 2019, Qiao starred in the historical drama Empress of the Ming.

Who is Zhang Liang?

Zhang Liang is a model from Beijing, (simplified Chinese: 张亮 born 26 March 1982). Has participated in Beijing Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and so on. He is married and has one son: Zhang Yuexuan. In 2013, he brought his son to participate in "Where is Dad?"

Gao Lu 高露

Who is Gao Lu?

Gao Lu (Chinese: 高露; born 8 October 1982) is a Chinese actress best known for her roles in The Lady Iron Chef, Mature Male Develop a Mind, My Economical Man, and All Is Well.

Gem 董宝石 Dong Baoshi

Who is Gem?

Gem (Chinese: 董宝石 Dong Baoshi; born 1986, Changchun, Jilin Province), whose real name is Dong Baoshi is a male singer in China. In July 2016, he released his first EP "Sample Band: 29 Shots in 38 Events 2 Times", and officially entered the entertainment industry.

Xie Nan, Lola  谢楠

Who is Xie Nan?

Xie Nan, known as Lola (Chinese: 谢楠 November 6, 1983, Hefei, China) is an actress and a TV host and anchorwoman turn singer who debuted in 2010. . She has been married to Jing Wu since December 2013. They have one child.



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