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Zhou Zhennan's MV "Desire" officially launched today

Today, the MV for the second original single "Desire" of EP Zhou Zhennan's "Love & Desire" was officially launched for the anniversary of the C-pop group R1SE. In this MV, produced by the internationally renowned luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent, Zhou Zhennan (周震南 ) plays the role of two people, showing the exploration and dialogue between love and desire.

Desire RISE MV

In the MV, Zhou Zhennan wore the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2020 collection by Anthony Vaccarello, in a futuristic scene full of dramatic tension. "Love & Desire", is the leading EP for R1SE anniversary, and it's the prelude of R1SE's music tour in 2020. The special EP- Zhou Zhennan's "Love & Desire" second original single "Desire" was released on April 24.

Zhou Zhennan love and desire MV

Who is Zhou Zhennan?

Zhou Zhennan (Vin), born on June 21, 2000 in Chongqing and graduated from Chengdu Meishi International School, is a male pop singer and a member of the male group R1SE. In 2017, participated in the Tencent Video idol program "Son of Tomorrow" and he came to the fourth place in the national finals.

Zhou Zhennan




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