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The first solo album of Chen Linong is finally out! Official MV

The first solo album "Out of Place" of Chen Linong is finally here! The twelve songs of the whole album are really full of sincerity, and the fans are very happy! It was also released the official MV of "I Know Nothing" 《一无所知》with Lala Hsu.

Chen Linong (陈立农) - Leo

Who is Chen Linong? Date of birth : 2000-10-03 Country / Territory : Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China Belongs to : NINE PERCENT (9%) Genre : Pop Chen Linong (陈立农) - Leo is a Taiwanese singer and actor active in mainland China. He took part in the Chinese survival show Idol Producer and debuted as a member of Chinese boy group Nine Percent as a vocalist. He released his first song 'Reborn' on June 20, 2018.

Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩)

Who is Lala Hsu?

Date of birth : 1984-12-20

Country / Territory : Hualien County, Taiwan

Brand : Fumao Records

Genre : Pop

Official website :

Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter. Hsu was a contestant in the third season of CTV's One Million Star in 2008. She won the contest with a self-composed and written song on 15 August of that year.



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