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"Street Dance of China" release date and latest mentor

Produced by Youku and Canxing, the third season of the hip-hop selection variety "Street Dance of China"(这就是街舞) will be launched in July this year! Today, Wallace Chung (钟汉良) official announced that he would become one of the mentor of the season. Together with him: Jackson Wang (王嘉尔), Wang Yibo (王一博) and Lay Zhang (张艺兴)

Wallace Chung

Who is Wallace Chung?

Date of birth : 1974-11-30

Country / Region : Hong Kong, China

Brand : BMG Records / Rolling Stone Records

Genre : Popular

Official website :

He is an Hong Kong actor and recording artist. Chung's debut was in the 1993 Hong Kong TVB biographical television drama The Chord to Victory, portraying Kenny Bee, a member of The Wynners.

Jackson Wang

Who is Jackson Wang?

Date of birth : 1994-03-28

Country / Region : Hong Kong

Belongs to : GOT7

Genre : Pop / Rap

Style : Hip Hop

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, and dancer based in South Korea. He is a member of the South Korean boy group Got7 under JYP Entertainment, and is known for his appearances on Korean reality television, notably Roommate.

Wang Yibo

Who is Wang Yibo?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Leo

Date of birth : 1997-08-05

Place of birth : China, Henan, Luoyang

Occupation : Actor / Singer

More foreign names : Wang Yibo

Official website :

Wang Yibo is a Chinese singer and actor. He is a member of South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ. Wang received recognition for his role as Lan Wangji in the drama The Untamed

lay zhang

Who is Lay Zhang?

Date of birth : 1991-10-07

Country / Region : China

Belongs to : EXO / EXO-M

Occupation : Actor / Singer

Brand : SM Entertainment / Zhang Yixing Studio

Genre : Popular

Style : C-pop / K-Pop / dance-pop / R&B

Official website :

Zhang Yixing is a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its former sub-group Exo-M under SM Entertainment.



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