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Sport is the "new black": The Prince of Tennis will premiere in June

The sequel of 2008 Chinese drama will be on Hunan Satellite TV from June 17 (according to the latest schedule released by the tv). In the drama famous Chinese tennis player Li Na will play the coach of the academy, in the cast also her husband, tennis player Jiang Shan.

The Chinese drama is based on the Japanese manga with the same name, and it's about a tennis prodigy.

This is the third Chinese adaptation of the manga after 2006 "The Prince of Tennis" (网球王子) and "Go for It! The Prince of Tennis" (加油! 网球王子) (2 seasons of the same drama).

Main lead (Long Ma) will be played by Chinese idol Peng Yuchang, who recently won his battle with weight loss.

The Prince of Tennis Chinese drama
"The Prince of Tennis" poster

Cast: Peng Yuchang, Zhang Yijie, Xie Binbin, Dong Li, Wu Xudong, Xu Ke, Fan Linfeng

Number of episodes: 40

Release date: 17th of June

Channel: Hunan Satellite TV

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