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Rumor has it: Chinese movies 2020-2021

2020 was supposed to be a movie year, and many famous directors and famous have launched new works. Although the current schedule for the second half of the year is still unclear, these movies are all worth looking forward to.

Here the list of projects to be released by some film companies (according to preliminary statistics from various parties' information) this year:

"Chinatown Detective 3",



Trilogy of Sealing the Gods"

"Mermaid 2"

"Eleventh Round"

"Me and My Hometown"


"On the Cliff"


"749 Bureau"

"Mobile Phone 2"

"She Kills"

"Having Went into the Sea of ​​Fury"

"Warm Hug"

"Sunlight Robber"

"Swim Until the Sea Turns Blue"

"Sacred Order"

"Ginger Ziya"

"Mr. Miao"

"Sturdy Rock"

"Buckwheat Crazy"

"If the sound can't be remembered"

"My Girlfriend is a Robot"

"The Adventures of Murdoch's Riddle"

"Your Wedding"

"Chinatown Detective 3"

Take my brother away 2"

"Ghost Blowing Stars"

"Love Song 1980"

"Love Saint 2"

"Moon Half Alice"

"full of love"

Zhang Meng's "Guns and Waist Flowers"

"Legacy 2"

"Future and Future"

"Assassination Bureau"

"The Condor Heroes" series, "Star Pet"

"Dongling Beast"


"Mysterious Treasure"

"Sister Romance"

"Grand Theft"

"Ice and Snow Changjin Lake" (the shooting was suspended due to the epidemic )

"749 Round"

"Four Gods Trilogy"

"Me and My Hometown"

Called Beast Yi Xiaoxing "King of Bathing"

Liu Fendou "All Come Here"

"Growing in Tomorrow",

"Remember the Song of a Teenager"

"Tropical Past"

"Hello, Li Huanying"

"Poetry Eye Tired of the World"

"Water Burst"

"Dunhuang: Xuan Zang Password"

"Win the Championship"

"Li Na"


"Seeking Han Ji"

"Tropical Past"

"Longmen Xiang" ( "Advanced Animals" )

"Warm Hug"

"The Sky of Mad Dogs"

"Paradise Hotel"

"Me and My Hometown"

"Eastern Island"

"Mine Hero"

"Hello, Li Huanying"

"Potato Watering Rice"

"Goodbye Boy"

"Theory of ambitions"

"Assassin in red"

"Xin Qin Ji"

"Yuan Yebian"

"I want to be with you"

"Year of the Dog"

"Secret Visitor"

"Snow Child"

"Hunting Fox"

"Sun Wukong's Flame Mountain"

"Tianshu Qitan"

"Legacy 2"


"Star Extension"

"Sun Moon"


Love after love

Projects that were planned or in early stage production:

"Nazha 2"

"Big Fish Begonia 2"

"Deep Sea"

"Journey to the West"


"Dali Temple Journal"

"Three Body"


Projects of which the current stage is unknown:

Swordsman series

"Legend of Wesley" series

"28-year-old underage" series

"Wolf Totem"

Hengye (恒业影业) is the only film company that announced the 2020-2021 official film list:

Hengye (恒业影业) 2020 2021 official film list



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