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Roy Wang is the host of June 1st CCTV's special

On the 1st of June Roy Wang will be the host of CCTV's special tv show dedicated to children (1st and 2nd of June is Children days in China). In the short promo of the tv show the voice over ask to the singer of TFBoys what is childhood? The singer tells to the viewers: "The dream to become a big hero" (Childhood dream is to become a hero).

Roy Wang is the host of June 1st CCTV's special

Roy Wang (王源)

Who is Roy Wang?

Date of birth : 2000-11-08

Country / Region : Chongqing, China

Belongs to : TFBOYS

Genre : Pop

Official website :

Roy Wang (王源), also known as Wang Yuan is a Chinese singer-songwriter, television host and actor. He was named by Time as one of the 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017. Wang has been an UNICEF Ambassador since 2018. He has set up his own charity foundation Yuan Foundation which focuses on helping the elderly and children



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