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Rap of China back to basic: keep it real

The director of the show admitted past issues, above all the clip editing mistakes, and read a long apology letter to the public. The reality show will come back on the street (literally, about the auditions), it will be REAL and with more swag.

The program will be on air this summer.

rap of china new poster

In the mean time, to warm the spirits, the official Weibo of Rap of China launched new interactive posters asking people to use rap slang like "homie" and "hood" and playing with the concept of diss track.

rap of china diss

Selections for this year Rap of China are still on in different part of the world.

In the new promo clip of Rap of China several questions were asked to the producers, including how this new season will be. "This season will be a wonderful battle - they replied - we will be really strict, it will be the cruelest season."

rap of china selections

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