Nine new dramas coming in July

The most updated list of the Chinese dramas on air in July. Some of them don't have a release day yet.

《流淌的美好时光》Cry Me a Sad River

Starring:Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang

Release date: July 1

《吉他兄弟》(lit. transl.) Guitar brothers

Starring:Hanson Ying、Jiame Gao

《武当一剑》Wudang Sword

Starring:Yu Yi、Chai Biyun

《热搜女王》The next top star

Starring:Qu Ying、Xu Kaicheng

Release date: July 4

《亲爱的,热爱的》Go Go Squid!

Starring:Hu Yitian, Yang Zi, Li Xian, Lee Hong‐Chi

《时间都知道》See you again

Starring:Tiffany Tang, Shawn Dou, Yang Shuo

Release date: July 17

《我在北京等你》Wait You In Beijing

Starring:Li Yifeng、Jiang Shuying

《极限17羽你同行》Project S

Starring:Liang Jingkang、Yang Chaoyu

Release date: July 20

《你是我的答案》You are my answer

Starring:Xiaodong Guo、Wu Jinyan


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