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New idol sitcom "Haha Gym" on Sohu TV

Updated: May 5, 2019

On April 25th in Beijing was held the press conference of the new Sohu TV idol sitcom "Haha Gym" (哈哈健身房). The Chinese sit com tells the story of a gym and the seven people with different personalities that work there. At the press conference, the cast shared the story behind the scenes and some fitness and healthy tips. They recommended to practice yoga, eat more fruits and vegetables, go to bed and get up early, eat more meals, chew slowly. Chinese actor Wu Yuyao shared the secret of his perfect line, that is lying on the bed and do aerial bicycles. Although "Haha Gym" is a sitcom, but they used a lot of film shooting techniques. "Haha Gym" is already online on Sohu TV for the members of the platform, for non-members three new episodes will be available every Monday night at 8:00.


Yan Jin, Wu Yiyao, Su Dan, Lu Xun, Xu Wei, Li Lin, Wang Lu

Sources: 搜狐, 爱豆



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