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My true friend: a rating disaster

If the average gross audience per episode of the latest Angelababy drama is already worse than expected, the reviews of the public is what is concerning the most. According to Douban, one of the most influential (UGC) websites in China for film, books, music, recent events, and activities, the show is rated 4.8/10 among the almost 19 thousand people who reviewed it, with the majority of the people giving it only 1 star.

douban my true friend

Why? Considering the cast and the story it was almost assumed that "My true friend" would be a winner. When the show started to air the viewers, instead, were just incredibly disappointed, they have panned the drama for different reasons including Angelababy poor acting skills, a bad script and a too old fashion plot. The show is right now at its 12th episode, will something change before the latest episode (48th)?

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