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"Monkey King: Cave of the Silk Web": streaming success and rating flop

When 65-year-old director Wong Jing talked about his new online movie "Monkey King: Cave of the Silk Web" (孙悟空大战盘丝洞), he unequivocally described it as his "a childhood dream." After the film went online, it quickly reached the top of the Japanese list. At present, the cumulative playback has reached 56.45 million, ranking among the best in online movies of the same period. However, "Monkey King: Cave of the Silk Weband" met its Waterloo in Douban, with a score of only 3.0 points, and 64.5% of netizens giving the movie a 1 star review.

Wong Jing (王晶)

Who is Wong Jing?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Taurus

Date of birth : 1955-05-03

Place of birth : China, Hong Kong

Occupation : Screenwriter/Director/Producer/Actor/Art

Family members : Wang Tianlin (father) / Ding Dejun (wife) / Wang Zihan (female)

Official website :

Wong Jing (王晶) is a Hong Kong film director, producer, actor, presenter, and screenwriter. A prolific filmmaker with strong instincts for crowd-pleasing and publicity, Wong Jing has played a prominent role in the Hong Kong cinema of the last quarter-century.



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