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May Day free live streaming concert

The taiwanese band Mayday has a deal with its fans, the "May agreement". The members of the group have promised to their fans that every year, during May, they will make a concert. Mayday has been fulfilling the commitment until now but, due to pandemic, the original 2020 concert in Hong Kong was cancelled. On the last day of May the group will perform in a live streaming concert, free of charge.

mayday taiwanese band

mayday taiwanese band

Who is Mayday?

Mayday (五月天), is a Taiwanese band that debuted in 1999 with five members, Monster (leader, lead guitar), Ashin (vocal), Stone (rhythm guitar), Masa (bass) and Guan You (drums). Mayday won the Golden Melody Award for Best Musical Group in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2012. Mayday's songs are written mostly in Mandarin with some Taiwanese Hokkien tracks by Ashin, who speaks fluent Hokkien in addition to Mandarin. They are popular for their student band roots, and their ability to capture the zeitgeist of Taiwanese youth in the mid to late 1990s. They are often cited as one of the pioneers of rock music in Taiwan.



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