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May Chinese drama - what to watch

Updated: May 5, 2019

All the new Chinese dramas to watch in May

《七日生》- Seven Days

七日生 seven days

A rescue mission that can mean life and death takes place in seven days and seven nights. It is a story about overseas Chinese told from the perspective of Li Xiaoyu, Qiu Yongbang and Jian Ni.

Broadcast time: May 3

Broadcast platform: Youku Oriental TV Genre: Suspense, War Episodes: 24

《(筑梦情缘)- 巨匠 》- The Great Craftsman

筑梦情缘- 巨匠 The Great Craftsman

A story about craftsmanship that follows Shen Qinan and Fu Hanjun fighting for their dreams. Through their efforts, they gradually earn recognition in the construction industry.

Broadcast time: May 6

Broadcasting platform: iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, Mango Hunan Satellite TV

Genre: War and Revolution

Episodes: 50

《破冰行动》 - The Thunder

 破冰行动 The Thunder chinese drama

A story that revolves around a father and son who represent two generations of policemen as they risk their lives in the war against drugs.

Broadcast time: May 7 - May 10

Broadcasting platform: iQiyi, CCTV

Genre: Crime Episodes: 48

《我们都要好好的》 - Hope all is well with us

我们都要好好的 - Hope all is well with us

A story that revolves around a self-made man who marries a woman from a wealthy family despite her family's objections only to find that their married life is falling into shambles.

Broadcast time: May 8

Broadcasting platform: Youku Mango Beijing TV

Genre: Romance Episodes: 40

《我在北京等你》- Wait in Beijing

《我在北京等你》- Wait in Beijing

A story about two Chinese people living in New York with entirely different lifestyles whom through constant bickering find that they are more similar than they think. As their careers rise and fall, an eventual romance ensues.

Broadcast time: May 19

Broadcast platform: Youku Tencent Jiangsu Satellite TV

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 50

《带着爸爸去留学》- Over the sea i come to see you

《带着爸爸去留学》- Over the sea i come to see you

A story of laughter and tears that surrounds three different families in the journey of sending their children to study abroad.

Broadcast time: May 19

Broadcast platform: Youku love Qiyi Tencent Zhejiang Satellite TV

Genre: Family

Episodes: 45

《追球》- Chasing Ball

《追球》- Chasing Ball chinese drama

It follows the life of Yan Xiaoxi, a transfer student at Tengyuan College who is a table tennis prodigy and a group of young people who form a bond because of table tennis.

Broadcast time: May 25

Broadcasting platform: iQiyi

Genre: Idol, sport, school

Episodes: 36

Synopsis source: (1) (2) (3)



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