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Luhan conquers Chinese top 100 with new album. MV preview!

On the first day of the launch of Luhan's 10th mini album "π - volume III", 2 new songs included in the album are TOP1 & TOP2 in China, and 18 Luhan songs are on the hot 100 chart.

A preview of the MV of the new song Slow Motion (慢慢)

Lu Han (鹿晗

Who is Luhan?

Date of birth : 1990-04-20

Country / Region : Beijing

Belongs to : EXO (Zeng) / Independent singer (now)

Genre : Popular

Lu Han (鹿晗) is a Chinese singer and actor. He first moved to South Korea as an exchange student. He enrolled in applied music at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2009 to explore his passion.

Following an unsuccessful audition with JYP Entertainment in China in 2008, a chance encounter while out shopping in Myeongdong in 2010 led to Luhan auditioning for a different Korean music studio. He was successful and became a candidate training with SM EntertainmentHe was a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-M, before leaving the group in October 2014. He has acted in movies and television series such as The Great Wall (2016), Sweet Combat (2018) and Shanghai Fortress (2019).



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