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"Like a Flowing River 2" Wang Kai to reprise his original role

Do you remember period drama Like a flowing river with Wang Kai? The tv show supposed to be split into 2 parts. While the first one was released last year, finally, during the 2019 Shanghai Film and Television Four Seasons Salon, was revealed that the second season is expected in October. Yang Shuo, Zijian Dong and Yang Shuo will reprise their original roles. No news yet about the female lead.

Like a Flowing River (大江大河) is a 2018 Chinese period drama based on Ah Nai's novel River of Time. It is directed by Kong Sheng and Huang Wei, and stars Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian as budding entrepreneurs who take advantage of the economic reforms being rolled out in 1970s China. The drama is a celebration of 40 years of China's open door policy.

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