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"Kingdom" with Yamazaki Kento is getting a sequel

Japan Manga live announced today that announced that a sequel of "Kingdom" will be released. Director Sasuke Sato will return with the original cast of Yamazaki Kento, Ryo Yoshizawa, Nagasawa Masami, etc. The author of the original comic Yasuhisa Hara is one of the writers. "Kingdom" tells the story of a boy who unites with a king to battle enormous armies, deadly assassins and a dangerous mountain clan in ancient China.

Yamazaki Kento

Who is Yamazaki Kento?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Virgo

Date of birth : 1994-09-07

Birthplace : Japan, Tokyo

Occupation : Actor / Voice

Kento Yamazaki is a Japanese actor and model. He is best known for his role as L in the live-action television series Death Note, and as the lead Minato Shindo in the Japanese medical drama remake Good Doctor, as well as starring in films L DK, Heroine Shikkaku and Orange.

Ryo Yoshizawa

Who is Ryo Yoshizawa?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Aquarius

Date of birth : 1994-02-01

Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan

Occupation : Actor / Voice

Ryo Yoshizawa is a Japanese actor. His breakthrough roles includes as Okita Sougo in the Gintama live-action films and as Katagiri Yuichi in the Friends Games live-action films. He is known for his expressive eyes and natural acting style.

Nagasawa Masami

Who is Nagasawa Masami?

Gender : Female

Constellation : Gemini

Date of birth : 1987-06-03

Birthplace : Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, Iwata City

Occupation : Actor / Voice

Family members : Nagasawa and Ming (father)

Masami Nagasawa is a Japanese actress and model. She won several awards, including a Japan Academy Prize, a Mainichi Film Award and a Blue Ribbon Award.



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