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iQiyi Original Movies forum: new coming movies revealed

Six original movies were revealed yesterday at the official "Iqiyi Original Movies forum". Comedy, romance, crime, war, among the genres.

Welcome to the Beartown (追钱逗爱熊仁镇) with Sandrine Pinna, Yawen Zhu, Wang Liang and Lutong Qie. Love Comedy.

Welcome to the Beartown

Lolita Uncle (萝莉大叔) - (Official English name not yet released) the directorial debut of Chinese actor Wang Taili

Death Penalty (非常死刑犯) (Official English name not yet released) - real crime story

Spring of fever (发热的春天) (Official English name not yet released)

- based on the real events about SARS in 2003

Tank number 1 (一号坦克) (Official English name not yet released) - war movie about the battle of Nanjing in 1937

Break up contract 2《分手合约2》Adapted from Ding Ding Zhang's novel "Never Endless Dating" and sequel of the 2013 movie "A Wedding Invitation"

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