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Li Yifeng and Jeremy Lin join forces for "I want to play basketball". Worldwide recruitment started

What kind of idols do you need in this era? Are idols only confined in the music field?

During the past two years of idol talent show, producers, agents, people working in the entertainment industry had always those questions in mind. It looks like Tencent is making a try to break the barrier between idols and something that is not music with the second season of the reality show "Dunk of China", now renamed《我要打篮球》(I want to play basketball). The first 2 coaches of the show are already confirmed, and they are the same of last year, the Chinese actor Li Yifeng (who doesn't have any real connection with the sport except being a fan) and the American basket player Jeremy Lin. This time, like Rap of China, the reality show will recruit players all over the world not just based in China. The format of the show is the sam as every other typical idol show, 4 coaches, 4 teams, training, playing and challenging each other. During the second season of the show Li Yifeng won't be only one of the coaches but also the leader of the show and the "Basketball Recruitment Representative."



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