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Hu Yitian and Leon Zhang together for the press conference of "My roommate is a detective"

Hu Yitian, Leon Zhang, Qiao Junda and Xiao Yan (Shane) are the star of the new drama "My roommate is a detective" (民国奇探). After many months of speculations the drama was officially presented yesterday in Shanghai during a press conference. Suspense, love, friendship and family ties are part of the 36 episodes drama produced by iQiyi and Yule Film and Television that will air in 2020.

The story:

Fourteen years after the birth of the republic of China, three detectives work on different murder cases and found themselves in really dangerous situations. One of them used to be a coroner at a police station, he provides many important clues for many cases, therefore he is called “the best brain”.

"My roommate is a detective" (民国奇探)

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