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"Being a hero" with Wang Yibo ceremony

The opening ceremony of the new crime drama "Being an hero" was held today. Wang Yi Bo and Chen Xiao are the 2 main protagonists. For this role Wang Yibo increased the muscles and cut his hair short. The drama (24 episodes) is set to be released next year.

Chen Xiao 陈晓

Who is Chen Xiao?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Cancer

Date of birth : 1987-07-05

Birthplace : China, Anhui, Hefei

Occupation : Actor

Family members : Chen Yanxi (wife)

Official website :

Chen Xiao (陈晓) is a Chinese actor and model. He is best known for his roles in Swordsman, Legend of Lu Zhen, The Romance of the Condor Heroes, Who Sleeps My Bro, Nothing Gold Can Stay and Love Journey. Li ranked 93rd on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2014, and 74th in 2015.

Wang Yibo 王一博

Who is Wang YiBo?

Gender : Male

Constellation : Leo

Date of birth : 1997-08-05

Place of birth : China, Henan, Luoyang

Occupation : Actor / Voice

Official website : Wang Yibo (王一博) is a multi-talented Chinese actor, dancer, singer, rapper, host and a professional motorcycle racer. He is a member of South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ. Wang received recognition for his role as Lan Wangji in the drama The Untamed.



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