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Asian Film and TV Week: 300 celebrities, 60 movies, 15 countries

The "Asian Film and TV Week" kicked off yesterday and more than 300 artists and special guests from Asian film and television circle attended the launching ceremony. Jackie Chan, Nine Percent Cai Xukun, Tfboys Roy Wang, Huang Xiao Ming, Aloys, William Feng, Mi Yang, Andy, Yifeng Li, , Ma Li, Traey Miley, Hai Qing, Fang Yin, Wang Baoqiang, Lin Peng, Jelly Lin , Hankyung and Zhong Chuxi were among the guests on stage.

During the 7-day of the event exhibition, more than 60 films from more than 30 Asian countries and regions will be screened in the 5 cities involved. The festival aim to create a bridge among film and television in Asian countries, promoting mutual exchange and cooperation. More than 30 film artists from 15 different Asian countries will present their works during the festival.

The movies presented will be divided into six categories, including Asian classics, Asian contemporary and Asian animation.

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