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"Enter the Forbidden City" American premiere and release date

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

On April 22, director Mei Hu premiered her newest film outside China, "Enter the Forbidden City", at New York Film Academy. The movie tells the story of an opera troupe from South of China visited Beijing for the Emperor’s 80th birthday and the birth and rise of what we call today "Peking Opera". Last year, at the SCO Film Festival, the movie won the best picture prize of the Golden Seagull Awards.

The movie star: Ma Yili ("When Larry Met Mary" and "The First Half of My Life"), Dalong Fu ("Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties") and Olivia Wang ("When a Snail Falls in Love" and "Ode to Joy"). The movie will be officially released in China on May 10.

Sources: Chindaily, 粉丝网, 微博



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