Chen Linong's new album "格格不入" press conference and performance

Chen Linong's new album will be released at midnight of the 29th of May in China and today he held a press conference together with support videos of friends and fellow celebrities. The vocalist of Nine Percent wore a Paul Smith slim light pink wool twill suit at the global launch conference of his new solo album "Out of Place" 《格格不入》

The tile of the songs:


During the press conference he performed the song 《我梦见你》Focus

Chen Linong (陈立农) - Leo

Who is Chen Linong?

Date of birth : 2000-10-03

Country / Territory : Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China

Belongs to : NINE PERCENT (9%)

Genre : Pop

Chen Linong (陈立农) - Leo is a Taiwanese singer and actor active in mainland China. He took part in the Chinese survival show Idol Producer and debuted as a member of Chinese boy group Nine Percent as a vocalist. He released his first song 'Reborn' on June 20, 2018.


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